Kanesho Soil Treatment

Kanesho Soil Treatment, based in Brussels, Belgium, is a leading international supplier of soil treatment products such as Basamid®, DD90®, DD92® and DD95®. All products offer solutions to protect your crops from soil born diseases and nematodes that frequently infest soil during continuous cropping. Kanesho Soil Treatment’s long-standing experience in the field can help you to find the best way to give your crops a better start!


Kanesho Soil Treatment SRL/BV is a joint venture between Agro-Kanesho Co. Ltd and Mitsui & Co. Ltd, both of which are Japanese companies. This joint venture was formed at the end of 2003 and is situated in Brussels, Belgium. Kanesho Soil Treatment is a trusted supplier of Basamid® and DD® products in over more than 90 countries worldwide. The Basamid® and DD® ranges are ideal alternatives to Methyl Bromide. Kanesho Soil Treatment’s global business expansion is being highly supported by its joint-ventures partners for those two excellent product lines.