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Renewal of 1,3-Dichloropropene supply agreement with Solvay

Since its creation, , Kanesho Soil Treatment has been successfully distributing 1,3-Dichloropropen produced by the very well known chemical company: Solvay Chemicals International S.A.

In order to maintain the distribution of a high quality product to the market, we are pleased to announce that Solvay and Kanesho Soil Treatment have renewed the supply agreement for 1,3-Dichloropropene. This strengthen our continuous partnership with Solvay and ensures you that Kanesho Soil Treatment will continue to deliver DD95® and DD90® on a long term basis.

The constant supply of well controlled products creates significant positive effects on the agricultural sector which relies on soil fumigation solutions for a cost-effective nematicide. Our products DD95® and DD90® are key fumigants for the control of nematodes and play an important role as alternatives to the ozone depleting fumigant, methyl bromide.

Kanesho Soil Treatment will keep its commitment and its investments into safe and efficient use of DD95® and DD90® for the sustainable agricultural industry.