Basamid® is available in following types :
  • 600 kg Polyethylene Big Bag
  • 20 kg FFS bag

What are FFS bags?

FFS bags are made using an automated assembly-line product packaging system to form, fill and seal the polyethylene package. The machine makes the plastic bag from a flat roll of plastic film, fills the bags with the product and then seals the bag.

What are the benefits of the FFS bags (compared to paper bags)?

  • They are stronger: they do not corrode, split or break easily
  • They are tougher: they can resist chemicals, weather and wear and tear
  • They have proven to be better protection, withstanding exposure to moisture, UV radiation, extreme temperatures and contaminants.

The global properties of Basamid® remain intact.

Validation of technical characteristics

The packaging complies with UN requirements 5H4. It has therefore been proven that it can be used under tropical conditions.