Pre-cultural soil disinfectant for the control of nematodes with fungicidal, insecticidal and herbicidal side-effects, containing 1160 grams 1,3-dichloropropene/ liter.


The soil fumigant 1,3-dichloropropene is the active ingredient with a very large performance range as a soil fumigant for the control of free-living nematodes, cyst nematodes and root knot nematodes. Furthermore, longer-lasting soil sealing with plastic film offers fungicidal action and considerable herbicidal activity on annual weeds, clovers and Cyperus.

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Field of use

DD® may be applied prior to planting or sowing both outdoor grown crops and crops grown under protection. Depending on the severity of the soil-borne pest or disease problem, full area treatment or strip application can be chosen. The DD® range is perfectly suited to use in a single operation combining soil preparation, fertilization, soil disinfectant, plant or sowing bed shaping, installation of drip irrigation lines and soil sealing with plastic film.

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Mode of application

DD® can be applied to a broad range of soil types under various conditions and temperatures. Extreme conditions with elevated levels of organic matter, clay and moisture content in soil do not have a favorable impact on efficient soil disinfectant.

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Additional effects

In addition to direct or indirect pest and disease control, the DD® product range enhances soil quality making it more favorable to crop growth. This is achieved through the following effects on soil

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Some results

Results of the strawberry trial demonstrating the effect of fumigation methods on disease control, as well as its overall yield-boosting effect.

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Our DD® product range can be ordered in the following containers:
  • 205 L drum
  • 55 L drum
  • 100 L drum
  • 20,000 L Isocontainer
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Source: Dr Ir Etienne van Wambeke - Technical Manager Soil Disinfestation - Certis Europe