Some results

Trial results demonstrating the overall effect of Basamid® soil disinfestation.

Control of Weeds and Rhizoctonia in Lilium scales

(Dieverbrug, The Netherlands 2003)

Soil artificially inoculated with Rhizoctonia solani: 21.04.2003; Moistened: 22.04.2003; Basamid® application (15 cm depth): 23.04.2003; Removal of seal: 12.05.2003; Soil aeration: 16.05.2003; Planting lily scales: 30.05.2003; Bulb harvest: 10.11.2003

Weed control (number of weeds/plot) after different soil sealing conditions

Basamid® effectively controls seeds of annual weeds, rhizomes and tubers of perennial weeds.

Rhizoctonia control (% infected) in different soil sealing conditions

Control of bacteria

(BASF, Germany and France, 1994)

Soil was artificially inoculated with Agrobacterium tumefaciens (crown gall on fruit trees and ornamentals), Clavibacter michiganense (bacterial cancer in tomato), Corynebacterium fascians (galls on ornamentals), Erwinia carotovora (soft rot of bulbs, tubers and rhizomes of vegetables and ornamentals), Pseudomonas solanacearum (vascular wilt in solanacea and Moko disease in banana), and Xanthomonas campestris (black veins in brassicas) and then treated with Basamid® at an equivalent theoretical MITC rate as metam-sodium application.

The following table shows the number of colony forming units per gram of soil 4 weeks after fumigation.

Bacterial growth (number of colony forming units/g of soil) 4 weeks after fumigation

  Untreated Basamid® 600 kg/ha Basamid® 400 kg/ha metam sodium 600 l/ha
Agrobacterium tumefaciens 1,1 x 109 0 0 2,8 x 107
Clavibacter michiganense 9,7 x 108 0 0 0
Corynebacterium fascians 3,3 x 108 0 0 7,6 x 107
Erwinia carotovora 4,2 x 106 0 0 0
Pseudomonas solanacearum 3,8 x 107 0 0 0
Xanthomonas campestris 2,6 x 108 0 0 1,0 x 105

The variation in bactericidal activity between Basamid® and metam sodium can be explained by the different MITC generation rates and the supplemental presence of different degradation products.

Control of fungal disease in melon

(Montesquieu, France 1999)

Soil was artificially inoculated with two Fusarium species 3 weeks prior to fumigation.
Disease control (notation 0=no injury; notation 3=dead plant)


Source: Dr Ir Etienne van Wambeke - Technical Manager Soil Disinfestation - Certis Europe